Lusaka City Council laughs off Nakacinda’s letter he sent as PF SG


LCC laughs off Nakacinda’s letter he sent as PF SG

THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) has laughed away a letter sent to them by Raphael Nakacinda as PF Secretary General.

The council put it to Nakacinda in no uncertain terms that as far as they were concerned, he was not the Secretary General of the PF as he had purported in the letter in which he was requesting permission for the former ruling party to clean the streets of Lusaka in the wake of surging Cholera cases.

In the letter dated December 27, 2023, Nakacinda wrote to LCC offering to join the city’s cleanup efforts slated for the month end.

Nakacinda proposed in the letter to join LCC in the cleanup on December 31, with members gathering at Lusaka City Centre at 08:00hrs.

“It is with this concern that we request that we be allowed to join the Keep Lusaka Campaign cleaning exercise that takes place at the monthend,” Nakacinda wrote.

“We have offered that our members join your teams in the Lusaka Central Business District on 31st December 2023.”

Resonding to Nakacinda who is only recogonised as PF Secretary General by former president Edgar Lungu, Given Lubinda and Emmanuel Mwamba, LCC acting town clerk Liftery Ndaba rejected the request.

Ndaba stated that the council is already engaged in a daily cleaning programme, emphasising that there was no scheduled month-end cleaning exercise.

The acting town clerk also pointed out that Nakacinda was no longer recognized as the Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, according to the Registrar of Societies records.

“The Local Authority is aware of the current issues or changes in membership of the Patriotic Front as per the records held by the Registrar of Societies to the effect that you are no longer the Secretary General of the Patriotic Front,” the letter dated December 29 read.

“In view of the aforesaid, the Local Authority does not accede to your request to join the keep
Lusaka clean, green and healthy campaign in the name of the Patriotic Front Sccretary General.”

By Moses Makwaya



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