Lusaka Police arrest maid for arranging defilement session for her Chinese boss

A 28-year-old female of Lusaka has been arrested by police for providing her underage niece to her male Chinese boss to defile.

Febby Chabala is said to have transported her niece to Chikwa Lodge in Chawama Compound for the criminal sexual pleasure of her Chinese boss Mao Feng, 35.

However, after the sex in Chawama, the underage girl made a video in which she was narrated what she naively thought were her pleasure times under the man from Beijing.

Based on the same video and complaint by the girl’s mother who also learnt of her daughter’s abuse, police have arrested Aunty Febby for Conspiracy to Commit Defilement whilst Boss Feng has been arrested for Defilement.

The duo is yet to appear in court.


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