WITH the popularity of so-called prophets on the rise in urban Zambia, a prophetess of Chalala suburb in Lusaka has been convicted for killing six people; her husband their two children plus three of her neighbor’s children.

Prophetess Jenipher Mwanza with the aid of her daughter Delia using an axe and knife attacked her husband Albert Mwanza who had come from a drinking spree claiming he was a Satanist and dumped his body in a room where they prayed for his ressurrection as a pure alcohol free human being.

The mother and daughter maniac duo also ‘prophesised’ that her children were little snakes who would turn into monkeys due to demons and to prevent that, she tied them up and slit their throats till they died.

Later, Prophetess Jenipher tied up three of neighbor Chifwembwe’s children and killed them too.

Meanwhile, the surviving children narrated that mother and daughter later started making weird chants as they prepared to kill the remaining three of their neighbors children but the children managed to escape and tell the tale.

They murderous duo also claimed that their victims would ressurect after prayers.

However, after assessment by pyschologist, it was discovered that the Prophetess was schizophrenic which is a pyschological disorder where a person is delusional and lives in a make-believe world of their own.

The court also adjudged that Prophetess Jenipher transmitted this mental state to he daughter who believed her mother would raise those they had killed.

Based on the same, although Justice Wilfred Muma found the duo guilty of multiple murders only sentenced them to be held at the President’s Pleasure which entails being kept at Chainama Hospital and evaluated every six months on whether one had regained their sanity before being released.



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