By Flavior Kanungo

Zambian comedian Sarafina Nthenga has expressed disappointment at government’s call on artists to pay back the youth empowerment loans without engaging them.

Ms. Nthenga says the new dawn administration should have conducted an assessment to evaluate how beneficiary artists were fairing before asking them to pay back the loans.

In 2020, the Patriotic Front Government set aside K30, million as Presidential Arts Development and Empowerment Scheme aimed at improving the arts industry with a year repayment period.

The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission CEEC entered into a Partnership with the National Arts Council -NAC – to disburse and manage the Presidential Arts Empowerment Loans which saw over 152 artists benefit.

Recently Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts Permanent Secretary Kangwa Chileshe said government will not scrape off any loans which were paid to artists but indicated that effective January month-end, beneficiaries would be required to present their payment plans to the Ministry.

But in an interview with Millennium radio, Ms Nthenga says the approach taken by the PS is wrong as it has made the issue to be politicized and resulted in cyber bullying for many artists who benefited.

She has however indicated that her cooperative KOPALA empire is ready to pay back the K187, 000 to avoid further victimization.

Meanwhile Good Life Investments under Mulaza KAIRA, popularly known as Macky II has also indicated willingness to pay back the loan as soon as possible.

Mr Kaira says it is not surprising that the ministry has reminded the artists to pay back the money because every revolving fund is meant to be paid back.

Credit millennium Radio


  1. Thank you for for cooperating with gov to pay back the loans. Stop talking too much. We need the money back so that other can benefit, not your retoric and displeasure about the gov move. Am sure if pf had worn, you wouldn’t have bothered to paid back the loan. This gov means business, it doesn’t look at your face or appearance. Good luck.

  2. Just, pay as soon as possible. It’s a revolving fund. This is New Dawn Government not PF , eko balemufoleshafye nga kandolo. Bweshafye, iwee Sarafina. Period.

  3. Iwe sarafina so the whole time you knew that you were supposed to payback and now you want to be consulted? bweza maha other artists also need an injection of capital in their trade and not just pf artists like you!!!!!!!

  4. Isn’t asking you to present a payment plan actually engaging you? What engagement do you want? When getting the money what engagement was done?

  5. Agony is getting a pay for a service you rendered and only to be told that it was a loan. Hope those were not payments for doing chuk

  6. It seems when getting these funds they were no guidelines and l doubt if at all they were even signing for the funds on approval forms. It was carderism kind of government. Let those who got the loans pay with interest . Infact you also charge the officer who was presiding over these loans so that he explains the conditions attached .

  7. Stop complaining and just pay back. You are even lucky they waited so long for you to pay back something that you should have done willingly and a long time ago. Also paying back without interest and instead of appreciating you are busy complaining.


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