Maggot-rearing British man returns to his rotting dogs


Maggot-rearing man returns to his rotting dogs

A British man of Nigerian origin who was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and other public health related issues last week has reunited with his maggots and decaying dog carcasses after lawyers secured his bond from Lusaka Central Police yesterday.

On Wednesday, a combined team of Zambia Police, Immigration Department and Lusaka City Council raided the home of 50 year old Jibodu Babatunde Olukayode in Meanwood Ibex and discovered that the man from Abuja had been murdering dogs and leaving them decompose in order to harvest maggots.

The law enforcement agents also found 24 caged dogs waiting to be executed.

Olukayode was then picked up and detained at Lusaka Central Police but was released on bond yesterday afternoon.

Olukayode’s activities at his Ibex premises was brought to light by some neighbours that couldn’t stand the foul stench of dog carcases.

Working on the information, a combined team of officers from Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission, Department of Immigration, Provincial Veterinary Department and Public Health Department of the Lusaka City Council raided his home in Lusaka’s Meanwood Ibex.

The officers found 24 live dogs and dog carcases among other items, in a residence that was well equiped with surveillance cameras.

After Olukayode’s detention, his 25 year old gardener Jeff Kamanga told Zambia Daily Mail that the dead dogs were meant for the purpose of feeding chickens.

Zambia Daily Mail reported that Kamanga said his boss had been buying black African flies which he keeps in bulk to lay eggs, which later hatch the alleged maggots.

CAPTION: Olukayode left (holding red sweatshirt) with his lawyers at Central Police Station yesterday.

Kalemba January 21, 2023


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