Maj Ben Phiri proposes creation of Kariba, Kanele and Mumbwa Provinces

Ben Phiri
Ben Phiri

Maj Phiri proposes creation of Kariba, Kanele and Mumbwa Provinces

MAJOR Ben Phiri has made a passionate appeal to President Hakainde Hichilema to consider creating two additional provinces in regions which have more than 15 districts each.

Southern Province has 15 districts while Eastern Province has 14.

Maj Phiri, who briefly served as Luapula Province permanent secretary under Michael Sata, said out of Zambia’s 10 provinces, only Southern and Eastern Provinces consist of 15 or more districts each.

“We can create what we may possibly call ‘Kariba Province’ comprising Chirundu, Siavonga, Sinazongwe, Sinazeze, Munyumbwe, Gwembe, Kalomo, Zimba and Livingstone,” Maj Phiri wrote.

“The other region which can retain the Southern Province appellation can have Kazungula, Itezhi- Tezhi, Namwala, Choma, Pemba, Monze, Mazabuka, and Chikankata.”

Currently, Maj Phiri says he works in the office of the UPND secretary general, Batuke Imenda.

He added that there is need to evaluate the possibility of de-linking Magoye from Mazabuka district, and have it as a district on its own, to acclerate development in the area.

On Eastern Province, Maj Phiri said it can also “possibly” be split two.

“The envisaged new province, which we may call Kanele Province, can have Chama, Chasefu, Lundazi, Lumezi, Chipangali, Kasenengwa, Chipata, and Vubwi,” Maj Phiri stated.

“The other one will ideally remain Eastern Province [and] can include Mambwe, Chadiza, Katete, Sinda, Petauke, Msanzala and Nyimba.”

He noted that to enhance the decentralisation concept further, Chama, Lumezi and Mambwe districts can be split into two each.

“This can undoubtedly speed up the development agenda, particularly in areas like tarring the Chisekesi – Munyumbwe, Chipepo-Siavonga road, crossing points in Kasikili, Malangata areas of Pemba , and the valley part of Lumezi, among others.



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