FORMER Kwacha PF member of parliament Joseph Malanji says he has sued his UPND rival, Charles Mulenga, for character assassination and defamation for “singing” that he has no Grade 12 certificate.

Malanji was commenting on ACC Director General Gilbert Phiri’s remarks that the Commission won’t cast a blind eye if there’s any incident of corruption pointing to a public official, with regards to what led to the nullification of his election.

In an interview, Malanji said he had sued Mulenga, demanding damages for defamation. “The matter is now in court where I have sued the person who was singing that I don’t have a grade 12, that same candidate, the losing candidate for UPND and I am demanding compensation ……



  1. Lack of education must be a punishable offence. This is the man who threatened churches in his constituency that he will withdraw financial support to them if they did not sing his praises. This is the man who said politics is not for poor people but the rich with money.
    Lawyers are making money out of his ill gotten wealth. Will wait and see outcome

  2. This after thought should have been the logical and immediate reaction of right standing individual.

    So we guess this 8s a sensible decision so let’s see where this leads.Time to find out whether the allegations stands or Is fake.

    Game on.

  3. My dear brother you are called Bonanza and why do you demand money from a poor but reliable winner? If you had a grade 12 Certificate by then, why did ECZ not come to your aid when the courts demanded your grade 12 Certificate?
    Dont waste courts time. There are so many cases at courts bigger than yours dear.
    Muluvale ngwavo kupaya chakasumbi kutota halikala. Kicks of a dying horse.

    • Semeki,if you followed Malanji’s case,you would have found out that both High Court and Constitutional Court declined to call ECZ to testify.In particular the Constitutional Court refused Malanji’s application to produce his Certificate claiming that he should have produced the Certificate in the High Court.Malanji is therefore on firm ground to drag his political opponent to Court

  4. Senseless action, maybe just showing that he has money. He had a chance to produce the G12 certificate in the High Court and he with the usual pfool arrogance ignored to do so because obviously expected to have judgement in his favour! The ConCourt upholds HighCourt judgement and now ati defamation. . . . Typical Mwankole, Pompwe behavior. The lawyers are more than happy to represent because win or lose, they still get paid. Limbi ni shipwe shipwe strategy.


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