he Special Law Commission that was mandated to review the 1911 Witchcraft Act has recommended that a new law recognizing witchcraft should be passed in Parliament.

Chairperson of the Special Law Commission, Justice Robert Chinangwa (retired) disclosed this at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe during the presentation of findings of the Commission that sat since 2009.

“The commission holds the view that the law must recognize the existence of witchcraft and failure to do so is failure to recognize what is happening in the society.

“The commission, therefore, recommends recognizing the existence of witchcraft and states that the law must penalize all witchcraft practices,” he said.

The Special Law Commission has also recommended Prevention and Suppression Bill to Parliament for enactment into law.
In its wisdom the commission has defined ‘Witchcraft’ as a ‘Supernatural art or unnatural act, use of magic practices within the spiritual realm or in secret, in words or deeds for purpose of causing harm to a person or damage to property or death or misfortune or to incite fear or violence’.

In his remarks, Minister of Justice, Titus Mvalo, concurred with the commission that, Zambia and Zimbabwe are some countries that recognize witchcraft and have been in operation ever since. He further said in Uganda the witchcraft law has been operational since 1957.


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