Mike Tyson

Malawi Government has asked former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to be the ambassador for Malawi’s cannabis brand.

Minister of Agriculture Minister, Lobin Lowe, has written a letter to Tyson to become the country’s ambassador for cannabis.

In the letter dated November 1, Lowe noted that the legalisation of Cannabis in 2020 has created opportunities for both medicinal and industrial purposes and has also offered Malawi an opportunity to generate foreign exchange.

“In spite of all these perceived benefits, Malawi may not go it alone as the industry is complex requiring collaboration. I would therefore like to appoint you, Mr Mike Tyson, as Malawi’s Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Lowe said.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson, Gracian Lungu, said the United States Cannabis Association is facilitating the deal with Tyson.

He added that Tyson was expected to be in the country last week but the trip was postponed as the Ministry is yet to finalise preparations for his engagements in Malawi.


  1. That’s a first? Like a slap upside your head. Amazing because I always thought MT would represent boxing much better, the other stuff he needs to stay away from it ruined his life for some time . At least that’s what he has been advocating of late. So it will be strange mix. Watching it play out.


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