-As people are still confused of how an inmate at Zomba prison inserted two phones in his stomach, Maravi Post is in possession an audio in which the prisoner is narrating how inserted the phones in his stomach to one of the prison waders.

In an audio, the prisoner identified as Frank Siposi says he inserted two phones through his anus.

Siposi explains that he poured groundnuts and cooking oil on the two phones to make them slippery and easy to be swallowed by his anus.

Zomba inmate Frank Siposi hides phone in stomach
The inmate reveals further that he was told all this by one of his bosses (a prison warder) who he mentions him as a Mr. Kachiganda.

He says Kachiganda is the one who gave him the two phones one for him and the other one for his friend.

The prisoner adds that Kachiganda told him that the phones will be desecrated but the process failed.

The inmate also discloses that he has some other friends who are keeping cell phones at the prison given by their relatives through their bosses (prison warders).

On Wednesday May 11, 2022, Siposi was caught after being noticed of his miraculous action.

He was then taken to Zomba Central Hospital where he desecrated the two phones.

In August, 2021,a local network provider Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM) revealed that 91 percent of mobile money fraud cases originate from Zomba Prison with prisoners and prison warders involved in the syndicate.


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