Mampi has also apologized,

She wrote….

It’s obvious that our fans were deeply hurt and once again I personally apologise for the bad decisions that I made.

I love and respect my fans it’s because of how important you are to me that you turned me into a comedian pa last 🤣😂😂😂 because I know that laughter has powerful healing power.

Please forgive me, elo for some of us twalishokwa sana mu life even when I’m sleeping someone is creating stories or I’m being dragged for things like being unmarried.

So much so that even when people were asking me why I did a campaign song which “clearly was bad business” it sounded like the usual hate that I get from social media every other day which clouded my judgement and for this I apologise once again.
Let love lead the way 🙏🏾 #PaipaPanjaApa


  1. The best way to apologise if you participated in the loot of so called musician empowerment funds.

    Kindly take it back to govt and post the GRZ receipt to apologise to many hate Zambians

  2. Kkkkkk, Fellow beloved County men to error is human and to forgive is Devine.

    The young Lady has accepted having messed up and as such, she is asking for our Forgiveness.

    I whole heartedly feel we need to give her a second chance. Let’s open a new page by accepting her humble apology.

    One Zambia One Nation


  3. What’s going on here. All these apologies. I am not a very keen follower of every artist but I do know they are currently in the Music Industry.

    I Don’t know all the facts. However, based on our current transitioning in our political environment it should be understood that the majority don’t care who they sing for. It’s their choice and right.

    This time around we want no political party to abuse systems. All citizens must be allowed the right of association. The important issue is that all politicians should be issue based and concentrate on ideologies instead of tribalism and hate speech.

    It’s a new season where you must be convinced that the party you support can deliver what the say and not them using stolen funds to bribe their way around.

    So musicians we need you. Be creative. Sing about the various issues facing the citizens. Expose some of these political leaders who don’t seem to have the country at heart. You will be surprised how much impact you will have.

    Do you know that advocating institutions are funded with millions of dollars to help them spread messages of Human Rights and governance issues. Do wait till 5 years to sing on governance. Money is there now available for you. In fact you don’t even need to belong to any political party to do this.

    I think there need to be train our Musicians on how they can manage their businesses of music and deliberately empower them to prosper. This industry has the capacity contribute significantly to the economic development of our country.

    So you Musicians be encouraged there is hope. Right thinking people know you were abuse. We are mature to understand and accept that it’s your prerogative to partner and support who ever you want. We don’t own you just like you don’t have the right to listen to the political songs we don’t appreciate. Nothing personal, we just agree to disagree but at the end of the day we’re still brothers and sisters. Simple.

    We draw the line where you participate in stealing from the Zambians. This one we will certainly be left to the law enforcement agencies to handle.

    Peace and love people. We all have choices and it’s okay that yours was not ours. We still have each our let’s focus on getting Zambia forward.

      • Grow up man. Don’t use anger to reason. What’s wrong with them Singing for a party of their choice. As long as there is no illegality it’s OK. Or do you prefer the think like you.

        Come on let’s allow people to make their choices. We are in new dispensation.


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