A 68 year old Dutch National of Kanakantapa Resettlement Scheme in Chongwe District has committed suicide because of his wife’s drinking habits, ungratefulness and deportation threats from her.Martin Elffers of Kanakantapa’s H Village is reported to have committed suicide on Thursday between 09:00 and 12:00 hours.

Confirming the incident to Chongwe Community Radio news, Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the deceased person had a misunderstanding with his wife Shanizhy Chisela aged 56 years also of Kanakantapa’s H Village. Later on August 4, 2022 around 0800 hrs the deceased person went missing from home and was only found hanging in his unoccupied old house by his step son Remmy Chisela around 1500 hours.

The police spokesperson said the suicide note was addressed to his wife in which he complained of her drinking habits, ungratefulness and that on three occasions she threatened to deport him to Netherlands, his country of origin.


  1. Very very sad.

    Such require proper police investigations, by most likely independent ones like from chipata or choma, and not those that she used to drink or but beers for in lusaka or chongwe.

    The suicide note could sound convincing yes but ummh, behind such, could lie something else fish.

    Maybe the guy was living under heavy abuse from the partner, he may have invested all his earnings in their kanakantapa joint and nothing more to go to the Netherlands for. .

    How could the wife be threatening to deport her spouse? Was there an illegality committed which both held secret or covered up on?

    What made the wife imagine she had the power to deport anyone? Is it because the system is corrupt, one person can wake up tomorrow and organize detention, harassment or deportation of another on any grounds simply because they are foreigners. Just buying beers for one immigration officer and a police constable, or offer fleshy services to them, could be all the a spouse with I’ll intentions , needed to do. And the guy knew all about the high corrupt ways, how real it was.

    For the police, who were her drinking mates, friends, people she told and those she gave out to, or shared with? How many people lived on the plot? What was the lovelife of the two like? At just 56, the guy was still too young to have just gone without putting up a fight. This smells fishy for me. Let police investigators come from kasempa, k as labor, mporokoso or chadaidza, and be reasonably high trained homicide case investigators. You will discover more.

    Condolences. My comments and thanks

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