A well known news reporter in eastern province was caught having an affair with another man’s wife in the early hours of today in his car..


After being caught he tried to escape and ended up having an accident and over turning his vehicle, at that point he was pounced on by members of the public.


More details later…..










  1. Terrible scene. He is naked, and that looks like a plank of wood – why have our peaceful people become so brutal? That guy has just had an accident, he needs help whatever crime he might have committed. You need to call an ambulance – not beat him up. I really despair. Is it the end days as the Bible says?

  2. Stupidity at work. How can a man heap hot coal on his personal equipment and expect not to be burnt. This is a thing which eludes most perpetrators. It appears sex take over the brains of most people and they are enchanted to do the most bizarre things.

    How will you have Sex without taking off cloths or at least the pants. So the undress in the most ridiculous places.

    This act is meant to be with your own wife or husband. But like a monkey on hit these guys want a quick sex fit while looking around to make sure no one spot’s them.

    How do they even enjoy this blessed act. One eye closed due to ecstasy and another one open in anticipation of danger. Why even start.

    Well this guy decide to chop another man’s dish and now must be made to pay the price. This crazy illegal sex issue is worse than corruption. Usually the offended dont want payback in money they can take away the very lives of those people who dangerously enjoy forbidden waters.

    Why does stolen waters taste sweet and yetthe whole time the heart of the perpetrator is probably pounding out of fear of being caught. How do you reconcile this strange behavior?

  3. Yes, sex does surely make people behave foolishly. I suppose it is more enjoyable when it is stolen (in the Bible, Adam and Eve were told not to eat from that tree, but they still went ahead and disobeyed God), such is sex. Let him face the wrath of the people, after he has been medically attended to, of course.

    • Just a point of correction my brother. Sex was not the forbidden thing. God actually intended them to have plenty of sex in his presence.

      That why he brought eve naked, and Adam said bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. In otherwords WoW what a specimen I’ve got to have some Now!! And he did and God approved of it and saw that it was good.

      Therefore as long as chopping ones own spouse is concerned it is good, but it’s when it is chopping another man’s spouse or vice versa that is not acceptable.

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