A 49-year old man of Lusaka’s Linda Compound has been found with a case to answer by the Lusaka Magistrate court for impregnating his biological daughter.

This is in a case Rodrick Nyambe is charged with incest.

It is alleged that between January 1, 2013 and December 2021, Nyambe had unlawful carnal knowledge of his daughter.

Allegations are that Nyambe, a farmer, started defiling his daughter when she was eight years old.

It is alleged that the incest was happening each time the girl’s mother would leave the house to go sell beer at a family bar within the township.

The victim reported the first incident to her mother leading to the couple going on separation but after two weeks, the couple got back together.

However, when the victim’s mother went to Isoka in 2018 to visit her relatives, Nyambe started defiling his daughter again until she fell pregnant.

And the Court has heard that the mother to the victim lied that her daughter was 16 and that she was impregnated by one of the classmates of a hospital staff.

The matter was only reported to Police by the victim after being convinced by her step brother to do so.

The accused has been appearing before Magistrate, Judith Chiyaika and he is expected to open his defence on Friday 5th August 2022.


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