Maria David

A 20-year-old woman was reportedly raped by a friend of her boyfriend while pretending to be her lover at the Okaandje village, Oshana Region.

The suspect, who is a resident of Eefa doukadona village, has not yet been arrested as he is on the run.

According to Oshana Community Affairs Officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, the incident occurred on Friday night around 23h00 while the victim’s boyfriend was out charging his mobile phone at a nearby cucashop.

He added that the suspect is known and a case of rape was registered in Ongwediva.

Aiyambo said information given to the police is that the suspect found the young woman sleeping in her boyfriend’s room while the owner of the room was out, and pretended to be her lover.

“The suspect left his friend (victim’s boyfriend) at the cucashop and entered the sleeping room where he proceeded to undress the victim in the dark and had sexual intercourse with her under false pretenses,” he said.

He indicated that when the victim finally realised that the person who undressed her is not her boyfriend, the suspect ran away and hid in a bathroom where the victim recognised him before he fled.

Police investigation into the matter continue.-Informanté


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