MATIMBA NKONJE: The not so much sung hero in soccer commentary


MATIMBA NKONJE: The not so much sung hero in soccer commentary..

By Chanoda Frackson Ngwira

Matimba Nkonje, a name that resonates with the hearts of soccer fans across Zambia and Africa, if not the world; From his humble beginnings as a sports analyst on the Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation, Matimba’s journey to becoming one of the finest commentators in the nation and Africa is a tale that deserves recognition and celebration while he is still with us.

It is undeniable that Matimba’s talent and passion for soccer commentary have elevated him to great heights. His insightful analysis, captivating voice, and ability to transport listeners into the heart of the game have made him a beloved figure in the Zambian sports community. However, it is essential for the Zambia Football Association to acknowledge this remarkable talent and provide him with a platform to further showcase his skills.

In order for Matimba Nkonje to excel on the international stage, it is crucial that the government extends its support, not only financially but also in other aspects. Recognizing his potential as an international commentator, the government should invest in his training and development, providing him with the necessary resources to enhance his skills and connect him with renowned soccer commentators from around the globe, both retired and still active. This exposure and mentorship would undoubtedly contribute to his growth and enable him to reach new heights in his career.

Matimba’s dedication and passion for soccer commentary are evident to all who have had the pleasure of listening to his broadcasts. By nurturing this passion and providing him with additional training, the Zambia Football Association and the government can help him refine his craft and expand his horizons beyond the borders of our nation.

It is time for Zambia to recognize the treasure that lies within Matimba Nkonje, to support him, and to ensure that his remarkable talent continues to shine brightly. Let us unite in celebrating his achievements, encouraging his growth, and fostering a thriving environment for sports commentary in our beloved nation


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