1. These are jokes ok. Was it dream or what? Do you think we are fools. After touring FTJ C University in your dreams, you want us to believe your dream? Fuseki iwe.

  2. Total nonsense. Please keep quiet. Don’t insult our intelligence. Is this the caliber of the leadership of the previous regime. They seem not to think straight.

    Surely, this person was going to be the one, who could lead the nation as second in command if they won. What kind of logic is this. Can you up lift a building with a shovel and take it to where? This ridiculous utterance is annoying and perplexing.

    You are annoying the citizens of this country with these silly statements. If you don’t have anything to say don’t open you mouth to say anything. Let the law enforcement do their work to find out what happened.

    • Indeed, the Wig makes her look like James Brown, whether she can dance like him, is another thing altogether!!!!

  3. The whole Luapula Province, I only know one man, Hon. Katele Kalumba, who shows signs of being capable of uprooting the buildings at FTJ Chiluba University and throwing/taking them away to another place.

  4. She yaps like not a professor, who uproots building, It was just a model (storage) that was to be demolished after she left. Of course, she is so confused

  5. Is this man really a professor? And to think he was vying to be republican vice president. Thank God we were saved.


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