By Evans Liyali

There has been a new twist in the matter pertaining to the coffin carrying the remains of 35 year old Makelele Muchisali of Kabo Ward in Chikankata, with family members refusing to claim her for burial from Mazabuka General Hospital Mortuary.

On Saturday morning, Police in Mazabuka swung into action to get the coffin that was stationed in Large Mutelo’s house after relatives identified him as the one responsible for Muchisali’s death.

Family representative, Bluno Lutaka has told Byta FM News in a telephone phone interview that the family will not claim the remains of their loved one because they did not give consent to the police to get her coffin.

Lutaka says the family wants Police to take back the coffin to Kabo and leave it the house of the suspected killer.

He wondered why Police decided to take the coffin to Mazabuka without consulting the family.

Meanwhile, Chief Naluama Representative, Charles Cheelo, has appealed for calm among residents in the area.

And when contacted for a comment, Southern Province Acting Commanding Police Officer, Fabian Mwaba, declined to comment on the matter stating that he was out of office.


  1. Lawlessness and witchcraft at play. This type of behavior can get innocent people killed as no real evidence is even deduced apart from a wizard who depends on evil spirits to determine who should die for a crime they have not committed. This is barbaric and should be abolished with all the contempt needed using the necessary legal laws available.

    How can an evil spirit be relied on to ever tell the truth. This foolish and demonic process should be condemned by the church mother bodies. This is pathetic.


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