MC Wabwino goes into acting


MC Wabwino goes into acting!

He dominated the music industry between 2008 and 2013 by producing hit after hit.
With songs such as Aticha and Opala Amama, MC WAMBWINO was one of the top singers in the country when modern Zambia music just emerged from the Kalindula era which seems to have died out now.

But later with the emergency of the second generation of Zambian musicians such as Yo Maps and the late Dave Zambia, MC WAMBWINO whose real name is Mkunsha Chembe found God and turned to Gospel music.

He did a couple of songs but never achieved the same success as before.
Now he has turned to acting. He plays the role of a cunning businessman in MPALI.

His acting is not so bad. His deep voice matches his cunning character and can be very intimidating when he points a finger at his lawyer in the TV series.

Mkunsha Chembe’s humorous nature is evident in the character but very subdued.

By Joshua Jere


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