Melanin Queen: Wezi Told To Say It Loud



SINGER Wezi Mhone has received wide support online after revealing that she has been receiving some vile comments regarding her skin.

She revealed that she has been depressed the entire year because of the mean comments directed at her online, which she says is her workspace too.

“Listen guys, I’ve read some of the meanest comments I’ve ever seen directed to me,” she said.

“You are making my life really hard by being so cruel. It shouldn’t be normal as expected for people to just be mean online. Seems like those with fair smooth skin are the ones allowed to flourish and be themselves and the rest of us must hide in fear of being dragged and insulted.

“I’ve been depressed, this entire year. I’ve been struggling with so many things. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been living in pain.

Daily mail


  1. Young lady Wezi, sorry, I mean no offense by calling you “young”, but the point I am trying to make is this; YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW BLESSED YOU ARE FOR THAT MELANIN IN YOUR SKIN. Trust me! Forget the haters on line, you are a gorgeous young woman who doesn’t need to make any apologies for what God intended. Trolls and self-hating numbskulls out there hiding behind the anonymity of the internet are just that, HATERS. If it is of any comfort to you, look at the SUPER MODELS known worldwide coming out of Sudan/South Sudan. They are much darker than yourself. Yet the world of modeling and beauty industry has made them millionaires and part of the standard when it comes to beauty. And these girls/young women of sold millions in magazine and clothing sales. Your talent is music, so be the best you can be in that arena and you will be rewarded in the end. Look up an American singer, Nina Simone (past, but still very popular to this day.) Hey skin complexion might inspire you. So, there are plenty of people out here who appreciate dark-skined beautiful women like yourself. Just continue being YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, that’s what counts. And for your sanity, stay off the Internet for your socialization, and TURN OFF the comment section. Just be on line purely for business. I am based in the U.S and I injoy listening to your music. A little older than your generation but you still have a fan here. Be blessed and take care of yourself.


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