Miles Sampa has deleted the Bible verse on social media post titled “a man reaps what he sows – Galatians 6:7.”

Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa Drops Post

Embattled PF member Miles Sampa has deleted the Bible verse on social media post titled “a man reaps what he sows – Galatians 6:7.” The post, seen by many as an ironic lesson in his own amisdeeds, was met with immediate and overwhelmingly negative public reaction. Zambians from various walks of life criticized Sampa’s message, deeming it inappropriate and advising him to reflect on his actions as his own deeds and sins appear to be catching up with him.

A Facebook user, Misheck Kakonde, used the same Bible verse to criticize Sampa for hijacking leadership from its rightful owners. Kakonde referenced a legal convention presided over by former Vice President Bo Inonge Wina according to the PF constitution. He contrasted this with a recent event at Mulungushi, which he claimed was led by “junkies” with the aid of dubious individuals, referred to as “bena pamunyokooo.”

Kakonde’s comments highlighted Sampa’s alleged disregard for legal and party procedures, with many agreeing that he was “reaping what he sowed.” Kakonde’s post read:

“Miles Sampa, how you hijacked from legal owners, there was a legal convention presided on by Bo Inonge Wina as per the PF constitution. However, the one at Mulungushi recently was presided upon by junkies, with the aid from bena pamunyokooo.”

Miles Sampa now faces the challenge of rebuilding his image amidst the controversy as the people rumored to have sponsored his moves have abandoned him.


  1. Is this man still around? What has happened to the Sampa – Hakainde project?
    The project which scathed our democratic Institutions…The National Assembly, the Judiciary, the ministry of home affairs, the Zambia Police, the Registrar of Societies office!
    Even his so called Secretary has run for cover! What of his illegally appointed Leader of the Opposition Robert Chabinga?
    The sponsors of this project have a lot of explaining to do..and legal issues too. Abuse of the rule of law. They can’t just abandon Sampa . A lot of damage has been done to our Institutions..Such abuses should have a day in court.

  2. But what happened to PF election at Mulungushi Rock of Authority where one ECL was hand picked.The constitution was not respected.No elections.An individual just shouted “who doesn’t want ECL? ,or may I say”who wants ECL?” Then some people raised hands some even used two hands.Then they bolted emmidiatly they declared ECL winner.And rushed to Lusaka to fix an injunction to restrain a normal election from taking place leaving the then acting President Mr Guy Scott standing at akimbo.

  3. In politics, one needs to have a base, as for miles, he has lost his Matero base and he now hangs by a political thread, people in Matero don’t see him as he is now a face book representative


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