Minister Doreen Mwamba Has Instructed Police To Arrest A Ngoni Soldier For Indecent Exposure during Nc’wala ceremony


Community Development and Social Services Minister Doreen Mwamba has instructed the Police in Eastern Province to arrest a NGONI IMPI for indecent exposure during the just ended Nc’wala traditional ceremony.

A video has been widely shared on social media depicting the impi accompanying Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s entourage in a black underwear.

Ms. Mwamba says the posture of the IMPI is a violation of the childrens code act of 2022 which seeks to protect children from undesirable elements in society.

In an interview, Ms. Mwamba said much as government wants to preserve culture, it will not condone such harmful scenes.

But N’cwala Traditional Ceremony Organizing Committee Secretary General, Adamson Sakala is shocked that the Minister could call for the arrest of someone practicising a traditional rite which has been in existence since historical times.

Source: Kwethu Fm


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