Ministerial Press Statement on the Toll Fees adjustment for Heavy Duty Vehicles


Ministerial Press Statement on the Toll Fees adjustment for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Sunday… December 31, 2023

The Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) has been implementing the National Road Tolling Programme (NRTP) since 2013 through the toll points numbering 38 which are spread right across the country.

The road tolls together with the fuel levy and other road charges are an important source of funding for road projects and related activities in the road sector.

While the resource envelope for the sector has remained stagnant the demand for road infrastructure has continued to go up.

The toll tariff structure has remained unchanged since January 2017 when Statutory Instrument no. 85 of 2016 was effected.

This has negatively affected investment into the sector and resulted in unmet needs in road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

It is for this reason that government through the Ministry of Finance and National Planning proposed an upward adjustment in the toll tariffs to increase the real value of the toll fees.

This is necessary for Government to implement its very ambitious programme to rehabilitate all major trunk, district, township and feeder roads to facilitate for commerce and trade as well as the movement of people.

As a result the Minister of Finance and National Planning in September 2023 announced that the Toll Fees to be paid by the Heavy goods vehicles (4 axles and above) and abnormal load vehicles will be adjusted upwards from ZMW150 to ZMW250 and ZMW500 to ZMW800 respectively.

The announcement culminated in the issuance of SI number 55 of 2023 through the Gazette Notice number 7529.

It is worth noting that the government has not adjusted the toll fees for the following categories of vehicles: Small vehicles, light trucks and buses which will remain unchanged.

It also needs to be emphasised that vehicles will continue to enjoy the road user discount available such as Frequent User Discounts (FUD) and Local Road User Discounts (LUD) as defined in the existing Tolling regulations.

Finally, Government wants to restate its commitment to the people of Zambia that in the utilisation of Toll revenue we will continue to be guided by Section 11 of the Tolls Act No. 14 of 2011 which states that the Tolls or other charges imposed for the use of a Toll road and collected by the Agency shall form part of the Road Fund and shall be used exclusively for the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of public roads.

It is Government’s intention to make sure that this is the case and Government will ensure that the Road Fund is used solely for that purpose.

The public should note that the proposed adjustment to the Toll Fees will become effective on 1st January 2024.

Thank you for your support as we continue to improve the state of the roads in this country not only to improve the comfort of our citizens as they move from one part of the country to another but also to facilitate for the transportation of goods and services to all part of the parts of the country.

Hon. Eng. Charles L. Milupi, MP


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