Mongu Central Member of Parliament Oliver Amutike has called for an oil exploration in Western Province following the recent discovery of oil in Namibia.

Mr. Amutike said that the potential of having gas and oil deposits in the province may be possible as the two countries sit on the same belt.

“Namibia just discovered oil deposits. Since Western sits on the same belt there are possibilities of having oil in the region as well”, Mr. Amutike said in an interview.

He told ZANIS that exploration of gas and oil would significantly reduce the cost of fuel for the country.

He has since urged government to explore the idea by engaging various stakeholders noting that the initiative is long term but would have future benefits.

“Although this is a long term undertaking in terms of benefits, government still needs to work with various stakeholders for oil and gas exploration in Western Province,” he urged

He further pointed out that the region is endowed with abundant natural resources which require exploration and which in turn will create employment.

And in a related development Mr. Amutike has called on youths in his constituency to take advantage of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and embark on various income generating activities rather than wait for hand-out from politicians.

He said it was disheartening to note that some youths were complaining that they needed money instead of acquiring skills in various entrepreneurship skills.

“You know I don’t know when this culture of receiving money every time will end among young people. Even in developed countries where the human development index is so high they don’t give out money to people who are able bodied. They invest in skills development”, Mr. Amutike stated.

He called on the youths who have benefited from CDF through scholarships at Mongu Trades to report and acquire skills that would enable them engage in productive activities.


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