The woman who allegedly shot the video of Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana sitting on a toilet pan at a named lodge has apologized.

This is a In a video availed to Mongu Times where the woman who was picked up by police after the controversial videos were widely shared on social media, has maintained that it was former Mongu DC and PF cadre, Tombi Tombi, who shared the video.

However, in an audio on the woman’s mobile phone, Tombi, who is on the run after police went to his house to pick him, is heard saying it was UPND member, Lubasi Nalumango who shared the video of Muyumbana in the toilet.

Lubasi admitted on some WhatsApp blogs that indeed he shared the video because in politics, someone’s misfortune is another’s fortune.

Meanwhile, Muyumbana says he has forgiven all those who shot and shared the videos, because vengeance is for God and not himself.


  1. How was such a private situation captured? To think a person can go to the extent of posting such speaks volumes about our depravity as a nation. Totally morally bankrupt and PF pushed this to dizzying heights.

    What was the intention for posting the picture? Whoever took the photo and the one who posted the same on social media must be very sick in the mind.

  2. You have no shame women, your apology is fake. You are wicked and your evil plans will follow you. What did you gain in sharing the video and what was your motive in taking the video of his worship the mayor? If indeed you love the mayor as you claim in the video then why do such a wicked act to some you love and respect?

    You will live to regret of what you have done. You need genuine repentance and seeking forgiveness from God Almighty.

  3. There is nothing to apologize for, public officials should hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct especially in public. Isn’t this the mayor that brought back some DSA change from a Lusaka trip and let everyone know that he had returned the money? He who seeks publicity will surely receive it. Period.


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