Mulungushi textiles gets a short in the arm

The Zambia Army and Zambia Air Force have put in orders to manufacture military uniforms at Mulungushi Textiles.

This development should be welcome by all well meaning Zambians.

Mulungushi Textiles is able to produce quality uniforms at lower cost than the foreign corruption inflated foreign contracts that were being awarded by the PF regime.

This will also create thousands of jobs for our youth and reduce on unnecessary imports.

We now expect to see others follow suit like Zambia Police, ZAWA, Ministry of Health and Private companies.

Mulungushi Textiles has the capacity to produce all sorts of branded clothing, school uniforms, casual wear and all types of fabric.

Credit: Fyambe Media


  1. Unless a visitation by the media team goes and check themselves on the status of the machines which are there. The question is do we need more capital injection or not? Are these machines modern or old, please go there and physically confirm and tell us the story. Unless I have missed a point where the new modern machines for branding were brought in the textiles then I’m sorry for that miss. The Textiles need serious new capital in terms of new modern machines and material. We need our Zambian companies to work like Mulungushi Textiles please new inject of money is needed in it.


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