Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa

MULUSA IS BITING FINGER THAT FEEDS HIM, SAYS MDC OFFICIAL … Mutati has said ‘you leave if you are not happy with the way I’m running the party’

Lucky Mulusa is biting the finger that feeds him as he is on a payroll from the money Felix Mutati single-handedly provides, says an MDC official in the Science and Technology minister Felix Mutati-led party.

And Lusaka provincial secretary Emmanuel Kalasa said Mutati has been solely sponsoring the party, including paying for the secretariat, helping with funerals and most recently providing funds for the formation of a cooperative, warning party secretary general Lucky Mulusa to leave the UPND alliance peacefully.

Kalasa is part of the group favouring that Mutati must maintain his ministerial position, but there are those who are of the view that he must stop benefiting…


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