Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri


By Rhodah Mvula

Murder accused Patriotic Front- PF member Mumbi Phiri and her co-accused Shebby Chilekwa are likely to appear in the Mongu High Court on October 3rd, 2022.

This is according to the Judicial Criminal Sessions Calendar.

The PF Deputy Secretary General and President Edgar Lungu’s barber have been in detention for six months before being taken to court.
The suspects have received overwhelming support from political leaders who describe their continued incarceration without trial as illegal.

However, Prison’s Care Management and Counselling Executive Director, Godfrey Malembeka says all Zambians deserve an inclusive and speedy access to justice regardless of social status.

Dr. Malembeka discloses that about two thousand people are being held in remand without trial.


  1. Over 2,000 in prison without trial? And so much noise one Mumbi Phiri?
    Are PF not dancing to the music they created for others?
    This is the reason why we should do unto others what you would want others to do to you if you find yourself in similar circumstances. Let’s create a Just and Fair Society! We are all Zambians! We were not born with PF or UPND in our mouths!
    Ba Judiciary na ba Chief Justice, ba Justice Minister and ba Home Affairs Minister, can you put your house in order! Can you give the over 2,000+ remainders speedy trial and dispose of their cases. Let’s not narrow the issue to an individual only.
    Remember that President HH will not direct The Judiciary what they ought to do as that would be an infringement on the doctrine of separation of powers which is fundamental in a functional Democracy!

  2. You people are complaining of suspect – criminal, what about Mwaliteta who was detained for more than one year without taken to court? Its about HH but your systems in place. There are so many detainees who have been in remand without being taken to court.
    Mumbi Phiri is not the only human being to be treated as a VIP before the court of law.

  3. Justice delayed is justice denied. Not only for these two but all those who are languishing waiting to be brought to court. We are poor at maintaining human rights.


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