Musokotwane’s Defence Force Audit Explanation Scares Chishala Kateka

Chishala kateka


New Heritage Party President Chishala Kateka has received Finance Minister Situbeko Musokotwane’s justification of the decision to contract private companies to audit the defense wings with great anxiety.

Kateka says the Minister’s address to parliament did not address key legal concerns, as to whether the law was complied with in the engagement of the companies.

She alleges that contracting of private companies is against The Public Finance Management Act, which requires that the Auditor General make a written request to the Head of State, to allow them contract a private company for the audit.

Kateka argues that Musokotwane did not clarify on whether the procedure was followed, further questioning whether the documents from the Auditor General to the Republican President and back to the Auditor General do exist.

She says the party’s concern are heightened by an observation that the auditors are international firms and that are subject to their internal international reviews, which could allegedly expose records of the Defense Force.

The New Heritage President therefore demands that the Minister of Finance and National Planning provide evidence to the nation that the contracts were awarded in compliance with the law.

In a Ministerial Statement he delivered to Parliament Thursday, Musokotwane said the the firms were engaged by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning in line with provisions of the The Public Finance Management Act.

He says the Office of the Auditor General was consulted to ensure that our engagement was not in conflict with the constitution and all contracts were subjected to the clearance of the Attorney General.


  1. Nothing wrong in asking foreigners to verify if the goods/services paid for were delivered. Do you really believe that whatever information is obtained about Zambia’s defence forces would be so useful for a foreign power? Nothing scaring, you are scared for nothing.

  2. Ba kateka your friends will be exposed. We shall see who got paid but delivered air. Better to have independent auditors under Auditor general. Wapya munzi.

  3. Kateka did you also benefit from this ministry? If so then you have a right to be afraid or you can be afraid for your friends in the PF.

    • She is only asking if the legal requirements were met. This should be the primary concern of everyone. Whatever the audit findings are, is secondary.

      • Very true JMC. Any illegality in the process will catch up with those involved in the future. But meanwhile, irreparable damage will have been caused ro Zambia. Why should we destroy the country in the quest to fix or destroy PF?

  4. Next ba Opposition will DEMAND to sit in the UPND Cabinet Meetings to make Decisions for the country, and further also DEMAND for One of the them to Chair the Meetings, and your guess is as good as mine who will be the Chairman, if they will not also fight and politick over that!!

  5. baKateka you should have been scared when the pf changed the law to facilitate for appointing of private auditors and other consultants to provide services to Government. Not now when the law is just being applied!

  6. People who got money from the Kasaka ka ndalama are dead scared about this audit. It will reveal the millions of dollars that ended up into the pockets of PF leaders. Thats why they are so hysterical, the audit must go ahead without delay!


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