We wish to state our position on one event which transpired at the Personality of the Year Awards on Saturday, November 20, 2021.

This is our preliminary statement as we carry out a full postmortem of the awards ceremony.
We note that of all the nominees of the awards, one individual has injured the cause with which Diamond TV Zambia aims at appreciating outstanding personalities.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate excellence and achievements of individuals in various disciplines via social media.

As the viewers are aware and the public is now alive to the events of the POTYAS, 25 Zambian personalities out of 26 received the awards without any blemish.

We are opposed to the use of the ‘F’ word when Ms Mutale Mwanza received the Most Influential Social Media Personality award as it is inappropriate.

We, therefore, apologise to our guests, the President of the Patriots for Economic Progress, Mr Sean Tembo and the wife, and sponsors of the POTYAS.

We equally apologise to the viewers and social media followers of POTYAS.

This gives Diamond TV Zambia an eye opener into how better the POTYAS can be organized in future.

Please note that the award acceptance speeches were unscripted and Diamond TV Zambia was unaware of the narratives.

As earlier stated, Diamond TV Zambia is carrying out a full postmortem of the events at the POTYAS with the view to administratively deal with the noted short-comings.

We are committed to corrective measures in line with good journalism and media practice of upholding ethics and professionalism.



  1. I wonder why Mutale Mwanza is still even given audience. She is so indisciplined and unlady like. So embarrassing for a young woman to behave the way she does

  2. She has the freedom to be who and what she wants to be…it’s her life and who cares? If she enjoys whatever she does, it’s her life…people have many ways of passing time in our journey of life…mind your business!!

    • Thank you for the public apology but it would be more noble to with the nomination from the said person and give it to someone more deserving. Currently she falls away below the bar to deserve the award.

      Unless you meant to give out an award for the most rude and bad behaved female on Zambian Social media. Then we understand.

    • It is our business. She came on a public program where rules of etiquette are demanded and required.

      That makes it our business. This nonsense won’t be tolerated and glorified if she is you small immoral god go do it in your own private places, not in our homes via TV.

  3. Diamond TV management should have known better. You can’t pick someone whose influence is more on the negative side as a role modal NO! Look at people that have Positive impact on people more so the youth!!


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