Defends Macky 2

M – Nation 💣
The goodness is that I have recordings of him asking me to start a fake beef with him so that he gains numbers and I refused !!
I have recordings of everything. ☺️
See the difference is that Macky 2 has ACTUAL celebrity and presence. Not forced fame where one minute you’re bullying women, next you’re dancing like a fool, next minute you’re a cross dresser, then you’re also a photographer umo mwine, ne Ichupo Chapwa pa social media naifwe bonse tule tamba umusalula !!! Atase !
A man who doesn’t respect women is filthy ! The scum of the earth ! A man who has been supported but can’t extend support to his fellow man. Chi Bad hearted tooth gap !
Forced fame.
Dusty pictures.
No manners !

Iwe Leave Macky 2 alone & Pay your water bills to avoid being disconnected!!! And learn to be supportive to someone who is trying his best. Doing a song with AKA is big itself !
Learn to cheer people on !

Anyway, let me concentrate on the wedding tata because I am a Christian at the end of the day.

King Bugar for life !
Long live Macky 2

Let’s all read Jeremiah 29:11
Peace out ✌🏾


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