Chanda John Chimba wrote;

If one decides to leave a decent life it doesn’t mean they are spokesperson of the Christian community. How you leave your life is totally upto you.

Mrs Pompi is a straight forward woman, she’s not more holly than others but she’s a decent woman, straight forward woman and a woman who loves God. The other woman is a bend woman, who went through a bad divorce, turned into a marriage breaker, went into depression, came out of it, has no stable relationship, lives a plastic life, claims to have been girlfriend of the former( which is not true) terrorized former PF ministers houses, black mailed them and so on.

My advise to Mrs pompi is she must leave that show, the other chick has nothing to lose, being stupid is part of her life.


  1. I hv short message to our women. We live in a consumer world of markets, brands and money. Please learn and understand the essence of this world. Keep your humanity by refusing to become a product yourself because u’re a human being. Lessen how much make-up and other artificial things you wear. I hv no problem with wigs because hair means so much to women. But why not afro-wigs if you’re an African lady? I know it’s probably a losing battle but let me have my say even if it may not be popular among ladies in Zambia.

  2. Even this bleaching of skin our women like is not good. Colonial brainwashed.

    For me, I am attracted to black women with natural hair, natural skin, and with our traditional values.

    Mutale needs exorcism. There is no point in stating the obvious that she is a nasty hule with zero elasticity there where it matters.


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