The newly launched Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has expressed confidence that it will win the 2021 presidential elections.

And the MDC led by former finance minister Felix Mutati says its formation is not meant to divide votes in 2021 in favor of PF.

MDC Secretary General Lucky Mulusa said during a briefing that the party is independent with values that are different from other political parties and is hopeful of winning next year’s polls.

He said the MDC is confident of forming government in 2021 despite the short period between the launch of the party and the holding of the 2021 polls.

He added that the application for the registration of the party was made last year and the certificate of registration was only issued a year later.


  1. It’s nice to do day dreaming Mr. Felix Mutati and Mr. Lucky Mulusa. Are you not the people who joined hands with Edgar Lungu to destroy PF? Zambians are not so foolish as you might think. The ruling party PF was doing very well under Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP). There was great hope that things were to be fine until PF was taken over by idiots from MMD after death of man of action (Michael Chilufya Sata). Stupidly the real PF members welcomed Rupiah Banda together with his tandem of thieves including Felix Mutati and Lucky Mulusa. Sorry guys you cannot deceive Zambians again.

  2. If you have to keep even at least some semblance of hope for your members perhaps Mr. Mutati has to tell outright lies to his members. It is not true that Mutati’s infantile in the name of MDC will win elections next year. Mutati is telling lies, outright lies to his members and to all of us. And how do you start your journey on lies. It seems he will be lying all the way to the end of his career. The start point should be the easiest time to tell your followers the truth, not lies. Bcos at this time everyone knows you are just starting. But to say the MDC is winning next year! Even if it is politicking, you are just messing up, bcos 1st of all that is old style politics but when you start a new party you should be seen to be coming with a difference. In fact what is not lies is that Mutati’s party will never form government. It’s start can tell it all. It doesn’t carry the character of a party that is going to grow and last long. Mutati himself is not charismatic!!! No he is not. To be president Mutati needed to go the style of the criminal Edgar Lungu who used pangas, MATCHETES and guns to be president of an existing party and a party already in government. You can agree with me that the uncharismatic Lungu who even shy’s away from cameras, from journalists wouldn’t be president otherwise. Look, when Mazoka formed his UPND, membership was the entire Tongaland, Loziland and Lundaland. Those numbers were instant and Mazola did not have to campaign to get real competitive numbers. When Sata formed his PF, membership was the entire Bembaland, and numbers were instant. When a group of Zambians formed the MMD, membership was the entire Zambia, they didn’t have to start from zero making the numbers. On this score I may ask, when Mutati formed his MDC, what and where is his membership? It is not their in his homeland and certainly it is not there in any other region of the country. It is not there, and that alone tells you that Mutati and his party will be struggling for members through out their time in the political arena. OK if you like, please refer to the case of Godfrey Miyanda and his now defunct party, many other parties that found themselves in similar situation, they are no more. Edith Nawakwi, hey what’s happening??? Same fate! If your own tribemate can’t flock behind you, who will? And then you say, in 9 months time after forming your party you will be forming govt.


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