Mwizukanji gets agitated whenever you work with Kidist, Yo Maps- Zac


Mwizukanji gets agitated whenever you work with Kidist, Yo Maps

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Zac has also shared his bitter experience with socialite Mwizukanji, for merely working with Kidist and Yo Maps as influencers for his business, Zac’s Corner.

According to Zac, the moment he invited Yo Maps to the initial opening of his business, Mwizukanji got offended and decided to cut him off completely.

Zac shares this in the aftermath of revelation by Magnet during an interview that Mwizukanji blocked him for also working with Kidist. Magnet insinuated that Mwizukanji seems like she doesn’t want anyone to work with Kidist on anything.

However, Zac says he hasn’t become famous because of Mwizukanji adding that, by the time the two were meeting, he was already known for his Philanthropic works. He says he is tired with people spreading falsehood that it is Mwizukanji who made him famous.

Meanwhile, Zac also says while Mwizukanji has issues whenever one tries to work with Kidist or Yo Maps, the celebrity couple usually supports any idea of bringing Mwizukanji on board for anything.

“When I suggested to Kidist that I bring Mwizukanji on board, she was very supportive. Even Yo Maps had suggested that Mwizukanji is a good because she is a huge influencer ” He says in a post seen by The Candidates.

Zac reveals that the celebrity couple means well for Mwizukanji.

“This statement is not only meant to endorse what Magnet said but also to convey my discontent with fans consistently attributing their awareness of us to Mwizu” He says.

And Zac says he leveraged his own network specifically to help Mwizukanji to be what she is.


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