Mwizukanji’s closeness to my ‘man’ hurts me – Model


Mwizukanji’s closeness to my ‘man’ hurts me – Model

By Nakaonga Nakaonga
I AM dating philanthropist Remmy Kangwa for content, admits 2023 Miss Inner Beauty Zambia winner Serah Hampongo.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, content, all I can tell you is that social media is a really interesting place. Nowadays, people even start dating and go to an extent of getting engaged for the sake of providing some juicy content for their followers. This is true for Remmy and Serah who are now engaged with a possibility of a whole wedding, just for the sake of content.

But things might be getting real for Serah as she admits that she has developed some real feelings for Remmy to an extent that his friendship with socialite Mwizukanji makes her green with envy. Sounds like a Telenovela, right? Well, hear it from Serah herself…-News Diggers


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