By Christabel Chulu

A 35-year-old woman of Nakonde wants to call it quits with the man she has been married to for the last 16 years.

This is in a matter in which Elles Namwayi has told the court that her marriage be dissolved due lack of conjugal rights.

She said her husband, Jonathan Simukwaya,38, has not been touching her since 2017.

She revealed that he has married four more other women with whom he has children, the claim Simukwaya did not deny in court.

She also told the court that her husband had not been supporting the children even before he left the house to stay alone in 2018.

“I have been to the Victim Support Unit and even to this court before for support but he has not changed. This is the reason why I have decided that we just divorce Your Honour,” she added.

In defense, Simukwaya said he is a casual worker would earns less to support his children and wants the marriage to go on.

Judgement has been set for January 14, 2022.

Last year, over 22,000 marriages in Zambia were dissolved due to lack of conjugal rights, adultery insults and cruelty, among other reasons.

Credit: Chete FM


  1. Well, it’s a pity that it sometimes end like that. However through, in comparison to the figure 22,000 above indicated in a single year, in one country (Zambia) is saddening indeed. I may not be in a better position to know exactly why and what happened to the divorced 22,000 but looking at the number of divorced, it is surely alarming and something tangible has to be done for charity begins at home and it’s from the same home where we should start building our marriage life. Conjugal right has to be upheld for the benefit of every one involved and avoid discord like it is in this case. Marriage partners should always observe their lives and maintain their lanes in view esp that they made a vow to live together with their loved ones and publicly declared for better for worse we shall live, willingly without being forced yet conjugal right is what moved them to forge ahead with cementing their relationship at first. Why change the lane now because he’s married to other women? Could he be under the spell, or maybe he’s unable to know what is really happenings? It starts with himself and do the damage control before anybody else is dragged into this unless otherwise.


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