Nakacinda declares economic black Friday, demands Edgar Lungu on ballot


Nakacinda declares economic black Friday, demands Lungu on ballot

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) faction secretary general Raphael Nakacinda has declared that Zambia will not hold the 2026 general elections if former President Edgar Lungu is not on the ballot.

Addressing a crowd of PF sympathisers at the party secretariat shortly after the Constitutional Court’s ruling on Lungu’s eligibility this morning, Nakacinda stated “This is the beginning of the fight.”

The former president’s application to have his eligibility case dismissed was thrown out by the Constitutional Court and the matter will now proceed to hearing.

However, Nakacinda thanked the crowd for their support and resistance, highlighting their refusal to be intimidated by the presence of officers guarding the court.

Nakacinda emphasised the PF’s commitment to proving to President Hakainde Hichilema that the party has moved away from its violent past.

But he issued a stark warning regarding the upcoming elections.

“The message I have brought you as PF party ‘Secretary General’ that from today, Hakainde Hichilema and all those at the courts must know that in 2026, without Edgar Lungu, there will be no elections,” Nakacinda declared.

“No Edgar, no election! No Edgar, no elections for Zambia.”

In addition to the electoral threat, Nakacinda urged his supporters to wear black every Friday to mourn what he described as the death of the country’s economy.

“The world has been destroyed; therefore, we will start mourning. Every Friday we will start wearing black clothes because the economy has died, prices of mealie meal have died, everything has died, so we will be wearing black to mourn these things,” he said.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba, July 9, 2024


  1. Nakadodix is very clever. He will finish Lungu’s money. Without delivering anything. Except binoculars with a broken lens.

  2. Lungu is not eligible. He has held office twice and has been sworn in twice.

    In 2021, the judiciary never ruled on the question that was before them. Instead they asked and answered their own question and not the one the petitioner brought before the court.

    In 2021 Lungu intimidated the judiciary with unknown consequences, and they gave in. This time around, he has no capacity to intimidate anyone and the correct answer to the petition will be provided.

    In short, Lungu will not be on the ballot in 2026, and there will be no consequences because PF have many potential candidates like Mundubile, Kampyongo, Chitalu Chilufya, GBM, Monde, to name but a few.

    As for Nakachinda, the advise is, Lungu is not worth dying for. Please move on and leave him alone to rest.

    I offer this advice pro bono.


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