PF Member of the Central Committee, Raphael Nakacinda, has officially complained to the Zambia Police over threats on his life by known persons.

Mr. Nakacinda has named State House Deputy Inspector General, Fanwell Siandenge and a UPND cadre Elvis Mainza, as the alleged masterminds behind the threats on his life following the Press Conference held by President Hakainde Hichilema in which he stated that, “Nakacinda will pay for his conduct” and “some people may beat him”.

He has since called on the Inspector General Lemmy Kajoba to urgently institute investigations.

Several local and international entities have been copied the said letter including Office of the Public Protector, Human Rights Commission, US Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Russian Embassy, EU office among others.


  1. Ha ha ha, why are you copying it to the imperialists that you scorn and vilify everyday? Allege? Why don’t you take those that are giving you information to the police so that they can deal with the issue expeditiously as this is serious and as a citizen you don’t need to be threatened in this manner?

  2. You invited it to yourself by insulting tongas. You are an idiot, if I were close, I was going to slap you. Syiandenge, has even spared you idiotic fool.
    Ndiwe, garu chabe.

  3. KKKK! This PF idyot is very scared and I love this. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy, the chap is a PF thug that was terrorizing citizens during the PF days in power. Siandenge himself was forced to leave the country and couldn’t even bury his wife during the reign of the Nakachindas who is now scared of his own shadow. Nakachinda is one idyot pending trial for many cases and he needs to be a little patient because he will soon serving jail anyway!

  4. You have done pretty well, just to put it on record. Some of us know that the police IG has the capacity to act on these substantial allegations. Everybody know that these guys are all UPND thugs who are intolerant to divergent views, shame on them.

    Well-done Raphael Binoculars Nakacinda..

  5. This is crying out loud … Kikikiki
    It would appear even his own relatives have disowned him for the shame he has brought on them. If he truly had relatives, they would have prevailed on him to stop misbehaving.
    No one would miss you Nakachinda. Just learn to look after your mouth. If you continue insulting the entire Tonga tribe, the State can’t guarantee you safety. When you insult a crowd, you won’t know who hits you so be reasonable for once and wise up!

  6. So many praise singers issuing threats and insults, yet none of them has been arrested.

    We are already seeing a 2 tier society again.

    Hakainde should tame his praise singers the same way he has tamed his cows. They will cost him his job.

    • Ati the president should tame his praise singers lol. Stop disrespecting the president and praise singers will tame themselves but for now let them be,it’s their right . As slong as you go for the president they will go for you. That’s how it is so accept it.


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