Last Church Bishop and Pastor exchange punches

A Bishop and a Pastor of African Last Church of God in Nakonde exchanged punches on Sunday morning (20th November 2022) over who leads the branch in Chiyanga Village.

The fight which lasted over one hour saw the two men wearing white gowns tear each other’s shirt in the presence of worshippers and onlookers.

It’s alleged the pastor only named as Mwambene became angry when learned he was going to be replaced by another Siame from Malawi.

That was, however, not going to be the case as the preacher hired boys locally known as Manguluweni, who reportedly had knives, to attack the new pastor, although they did not.

The general overseer called Bishop Sichone from Tanzania was nowhere to be seen when the men of the cloth abandoned teachings of the Bible before service could start.

“The the general bishop ran away after things became tense. When he came back, he suspended the programme,” a witness has told Chete FM News.

It took Chiyanga village headman Chris Sikaona and section six Chairman Geoffrey Sinyinza to stop the fight.

“Each pastor had his own supporters. The pastor from Malawi was strangled with the necktie he was wearing when the fight started,” Mr Sinyinza said as he laughed.

Mr Sinyinza who witnessed the fight has told Chete FM News police were immediately contacted but were told to hold on after the situation calmed minutes later.

No visible injuries have been seen.

The decision on who leads the church is now on hold until the issue is resolved.

The church has not made a public statement.


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