Proprietor of Komboni Radio Ms. Lesa Kasoma.


NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Stephen Nyirenda has sued his wife Lesa Kasoma in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly forging his signature and fraudulently adding her name to his property title dead.

In a statement of claim, Nyirenda who is Muvi television proprietor, wants the court to nullify the title deed for his farm in Roma township because his wife allegedly added herself as a joint tenant.

He also wants the court to order cancellation of the certificate of title of Subdivision A of Subdivision No 175 of Farm No 44a situated in Roma, Lusaka issued in his wife’s name as a joint tenant because she forged his signature.

And Nyirenda wants the court to compel the Ministry of Lands to re-issue the certificate of title in his name as it appeared prior to the fraudulent deed of moiety lodged on June 19, 2019 by Lesa.

He is further claiming damages for loss of commercial business opportunity and pecuniary benefit suffered during the joint tenancy and any other reliefs the court might deem fit.

Nyirenda explained that he bought the farm in 1995 and started developing on it in 1996.

He stated that he uses the place for commercial transaction with local banking institutions.

Nyirenda stated that he moved into the premises in 2001 and his wife had beenstaying at the same place.

He stated that he noticed the title deed of the farm was missing and when he asked his wife about it, she never gave a proper answer but kept on changing on its whereabouts until he threatened to report her to the police.

Nyirenda stated that she surrendered the title deed to him on August 27, 2021 but it looked new and had an addition of his wife’s name.

He stated that Lesa forged his signature, adding that she was in a habit of forging his signature on documents to suit her needs.

Nyirenda stated that he has never executed a deed of moiety with Lesa over the farm and the signature purported to be his appearing on the deed of moiety was forged and fraudulently obtained.



  1. This guys is very lucky. The next stage was to kill him basically and she was going to keep the whole farm to herself! Imwe madaala, beware of the young girls you are chasing.

  2. Thought once you get married all the property you have is equally and jointly owned by the Husband and Wife.

    That’s what marriage means. Even in death the properties are divided as such. Equally. It does not matter whether the Husband or wife built the properties alone. In marriage you both own the properties. Just us the law to divide the property. Marriage is a powerful partnership recognized by the Zambian constitution.

  3. Guys, I cannot imagine my self suing my wife over anything! What perception is Nyirenda showing to the people of Zambia on his character and action? This shows that common sense is not common after all


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