All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni has cautioned overzealous politicians asserting that the UPND will serve four terms in government.

Mr. Msoni says the appointments to government are now exclusive and contrary to the assurances that the Alliance had given to Zambians during the August 2021 campaigns.

He says no one believes that such exclusive appointments to government will help the UPND government moving forward.

Mr. Msoni who is a member of the UPND Alliance says citizens are carefully listening and following the deliberate poor choices of appointments and the biased promotions and demotions which are based on regions.

Communications and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali recently declared that the UPND will serve in government for four consecutive terms.


  1. Of course that can’t happen Mr. Msoni because most Zambians don’t like Upnd. Bembas simply call that “ulusengo lwa mbwa”, meaning it can never happen! Saboi Imboela summarised how Upnd won, it won’t happen again! And Zambians have known now that it’s tribal party. With Minister of Justice, Chief Justice, Attorney General, Solicitor General, Chairman of Judicial Complaints Commission , all Tongas! Them Tongas don’t see anything wrong with that! But if it was Bemba-Eastener-Bemba-Lozi-Eastener-Kaonde, it would be tribalism because there’s no Tonga I the line up! And when it’s just that them Tongas don’t want to work with other tribes, but only themselves as a bunch! People’s eyes are now open!

  2. Ba Mukuka nainwe, you can do better l believe my brother. Kindly compare and contrast the appointments in the New Dawn govt to the previous PF govt.

  3. No Mr. Mukuka, PF was more tribal than any Zambian government ever. Currently there is tribal balancing. Your hatred for Tongas is understandable. Many of your type hate Tongas for reasons unknown. That aside, mandates are for 5 years at a time. No one can declare 4 terms or whatever. PF thought they would be there for 100 years. It is careless. Take your mandate one at a time. Zambians will decide.

  4. Let us live in harmony Guys, it is inevitable and unavoidable, in every Society and Tribes, there will always be hard core Tribalists and Non-Tribalists; Idiots and Clever people; Bad people and Good people; Imbeciles and Smart People; Thieves and Honest People. Good and Evil are Siamese Twins!!!!!


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