Nawakwi is a disappointment to all women.

By Agnita Banda

Various women groups have come out against Sean Tembo’s sexist and chauvinistic utterances against the biological makeup of our mothers and sisters from which they have no control, and instead of addressing these bigoted and slanderous utterances against women, Edith Nawakwi chooses to applaud such behaviour because of her pathological hate for President Hakainde Hichilema. Very shameful and embarrassing indeed!

The most dignified and decent thing to do for Ms Nawakwi was to call out her partner Sean Tembo and demand that he withdraws those stereotypical utterances, in solidarity with fellow women that have been insulted by an unrepentant Tembo. I am woman and I feel utterly insulted and stripped of my dignity.

Nawakwi’s reference of the voters that exercised their democratic right to vote out the PF as ‘minions’ insults the collective intelligence of all Zambians. She should not spread her obsessive hate for the President to the rest of Zambians who voted for him.

There is currently a law that metes punishment for defaming the President and if Nawakwi feels it’s not a good law, let her instruct her FDD MPs in Parliament(if at all she has any), to repeal the piece of legislation instead of blaming the Police who are on firm legal ground to enforce it.

Zambians are aware of the many battles Nawakwi is currently fighting including one with her step sons, let her resolve those family issues instead of targeting her frustrations to the people of Zambia. She should also offer a proper explanation on the current status of the Hatembos. The nation needs to know the truth.


  1. Only those that do not know Nawakwi can dare to support her. She is not only a dissappointment to women but donors who gave her money in the name of supporting women. She chewed their monies and gave them fake reports.


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