A 36-YEAR-OLD man of Ndola has been left in shock after he discovered that his wife was secretly building a house which is currently at window level.

Godfrey Kapwi has since dragged Linda Mutambo 29, his wife to court seeking divorce as he cannot trust her anymore.

Kapwi told the Kabushi local court that his wife bought a plot and built a house up to window level without his knowledge.

“I am in shock that my wife bought a plot and has been building it up to window level. What is more shocking is that her parents have been supporting her,” he lamented.

Kapwi narrated that his wife misused money which he gave her for personal things and that she even failed to buy clothes for the children.

“The most shocking part is that she hads built the same house in the same area with the man I was suspecting her of going out with. I am a driver and I am, always away from home and so when I returned I found out that she was dating the relative to the landlord, of which I forgive her and we moved on,”he said.

He told court however, that he could not continue living with her after this as he felt cheated.

However, Mutambo in her defence told the court that the couple started having problems when her husband got another woman pregnant.

“After he impregnated another woman we started having disputes most times. On top of it, my in-laws started to interfere in our marriage too much by saying we were staying on their plot and that was how my parents got me a plot and I started Building,” she said.

Passing judgment Presiding senior magistrate John Kabwe sitting with senior Magistrate Emelda Masuwa granted Divorce and ordered Kapwi to compansate his wife with K6,000.



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