Nelson Mandela’s daughter to auction off his ID… expected to fetch R1,4m


The national identity document of the late South African statesman, Nelson Mandela, is expected to fetch as much as R1,4m during an auction next month, after his daughter overcame the government’s attempts to stop her from selling it off.

After a two-year legal battle against the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), Mandela’s daughter, Makaziwe, officially won a battle that now allows her to auction off her father’s belongings.

The collection of items to be auctioned on 24 February includes many of his famous Madiba shirts, some worn on very special occasions, his ID book, letters he had written in prison, awards, and many gifts he had received over the years including a gift from former USA president Barack Obama.

Auctioneers have reportedly set a minimum price of $75,000 (about R1.4m) for the green book, although they are anticipating it will go for more.

Guernsey – an online auctioneer service company said of the auction:

“Upon his release from prison three decades later, he received this very card [ID] as his first and only legitimate identification book in a post-apartheid South Africa.

“Meanwhile, this card serves as a reminder of the all too recent era of apartheid, and Mandela’s transition from a political prisoner to a pre-eminent South African politician and human rights leader.”


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