Christopher Mvunga

No Police Appearance for Former BOZ Governor

Former Bank of Zambia (BOZ) Governor Christopher Mvunga will not avail himself to the police tomorrow, his lawyer has disclosed.

Mvunga was summoned to appear before the Chongwe Police tomorrow for ongoing investigation on undisclosed issues.

But his lawyer Dickson Jere of Messrs Dickson Jere & Associates said he has had a chat with the police and the matter has been resolved and therefore his client will not appear as scheduled.

“It was just a little misunderstanding to do with something that started in 2018. It was some misunderstanding with a neighbour concerning pollution and Hon Mvunga was the one who had complained,” Jere said.

“It is something of a civil nature involving the neighbour,” Jere explained.

According to police sources, Mvunga had written letters in 2018 complaining to the Chongwe Council that one of his neighbours was polluting the area with his unregulated disposal of chicken waste. However, the neighbour accused the former Governor of trespass on his property, which prompted police intervention.



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