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Nyimba Investments denies supplying over-priced fertilizer

Nyimba Investments Limited has denied allegations that the company overpriced fertilizer supplied to government in the 2020/2021 farming season under the farmer Input Support Program – FISP.

Large Fertilizer trading companies have been accused of extortion and possible involvement in corrupt practices after it was revealed that the companies were charging the ministry of Agriculture – FISP program US$1,200 per ton when prices were as low as US$400 per ton.

Nyimba Investments is among the top three large scale suppliers of fertilizer to government under FISP that include Neria Investments and Export Trading Group – ETG whose dealings with government have come under scrutiny following the change of government from the Patriotic Front – PF to the United Party for National Development – UPND.

President Hakainde Hichilema during a briefing revealed that his predecessor government were buying fertilizer at US$ 1,200 per ton from its contracted suppliers at the time when the commodity was selling between USD400- USD450 on the international market.

“When the fertilizer world prices were USD 400-USD450 per tonne, our colleagues deliberately, consciously were buying fertilizer using taxpayer’s money at USD1,200 per ton, you multiply that by 300,000 metric tonnes”, President Hichilema said.

One of the companies that supplied huge volumes of fertilizer to government under FISP, Nyimba Investments Limited has refuted the allegations saying the company supplied fertilizer at a price below USD 1,200 per ton.

Company Head of Sales and Marketing Willings Mulendema noted that Nyimba Investments Ltd supplied about 103,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer in the 2020/2021 farming season and that the price was below the US$1,200… follow link to read full article


  1. Don’t Just say you supplied below $1200,/ton , what exactly was your price? Don’t play monkey here. We need your quoted your price openly.

  2. We need copies of payments received. Not just denying the allegations. We know you got less but the payment out of govt was inflated and the difference is the fraudulent amiunts shared by PF officials


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