Comrade Simon Mulenga Mwila

LIBERATION: Only Socialist Party Can Liberate Zambia From Neo-Liberal Economic Policies

Left wing sponsored Socialist Party in Zambia says the UPND has no capacity to liberate Zambia.

Comrade Simon Mulenga Mwila writes:

Ala our people are suffering – twachula.
We face so many forces that oppress us. As a people and youths, we remain victims of an oppressive neoliberal system and its offshoots: corruption, unbridled competition and individualism.

We need to struggle for a more serious system through a people’s movement – our Socialist Party – to liberate ourselves from a system and leaders who perpetuate our suffering. We need a party that has a massive progressive programme of job creation – the Socialist Party. We need real, free education from nursery to university level. We need to hold the UPND government accountable to provide the decent jobs they promised our youths, the jobs they promised our doctors and teachers.



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