Opposition Alliance Chairman has been in political hibernation for years- Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

Sakwiba Sikota

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe writes….


The Opposition Alliance Chairman is one who has not participated in politics for several years, I don’t think he even knows the current players very well. Ba Sakwiba has been in political hibernation for years and this is no hidden fact. So you just woke him up ati “where is your party?”

HH is no push over we all know this by now, just good English on TV and newspaper won’t help the opposition. It can only take young people to confront HH head on in campaigns for any one to stand a chance, all that you guys need to do is give us resources and advise. Believe me by 2026 you won’t even manage to say one word, maybe with an exception of one , leave the pressure to us, its our time. Otherwise, you will start requesting medical evacuation soon. This is the reality and then when you fail you come and blame HH…saying ” he is adictator!”.

And the answer by our former beloved President ECL ati if people so wish I can stand (paraphrasing).Ladies and Gentlemen kanshi (us), when are we going to be in power? He will come and appoint his old friends. What new ideas will he have this time? No disrepect meant here, these are genuine questions.

Though alot of friends don’t/ won’t agree with me, ECL in the forefront is a distraction to removing UPND. This is not meant to belittle our former beloved President but I believe it’s time for the young generation to take up the mantle. Secondly he will divide the young people in 2026 to the benefit of the UPND. He will take away from other opposition political party leaders who will insist to stand in 2026. He will send them into oblivion, just like now he has become a defacto opposition leader. Let him pick a person and promote that person.

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe


  1. Ka Lungu ka chilala cant beat HH. He’ll die of depression when HH is sworn in at the fully packed Heroes Stadium in 2026. Kakafwaka chikala


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