VARIOUS Opposition Political Party Leaders have demanded an explanation from government regarding an attack on Chilufya Tayali by five individuals purported to be from the Zambia Army, further questioning why Police are quiet on the matter.

The demand was made at a Press Briefing coordinated by Patriots for Economic Progress-PEP President Sean Tembo at Tayali’s residence Monday evening.

The Economic and Equity Party Leader who has since posted CCTV footage on his page narrated how the masked individuals expertly opened his gate in the early hours of Monday, tied down his worker, demanding that they have access to him.

Tayali stated that the attackers only left after he attracted attention when he fired his weapon in the air, but warned his worker before leaving to tell his employer to refrain talking about the Army, an ordeal he described as an attempt on his life.

And in giving solidarity to Tayali, PEP President, Tembo expressed disgust at what he described as a never seen before incident where opposition leaders are attacked at their home.

He stated that by all indications, those who ambushed Tayali’s home are from the Special Force going by the Sub Machine Guns they were carrying, which are unique to the Zambia Army.

Tembo also feels that the vehicle the assailants used, a Land Cruiser which he estimated to cost 100-thousand United States Dollars could not be afforded by mere criminals.

Others who spoke were Socialist Party Spokesperson, Frank Bwalya, National Democratic Congress President, Saboi Imboela, Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Kasonde Mweenda and Patriotic Front Deputy Information Chairperson, Emmanuel Mwamba.

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  1. Pity tayali was beaten up, tayali invites this kind of problems for him self and then has the audacity to say ” an attempt on my life”
    What “life” is the baboon referring to.
    Tayali just shut that stinking hole in your face.

  2. Can someone please educate me on this one, is the government under any obligation to give an explanation when someone’s home or the owner is attacked or invaded at night? Until the police investigates and establish the case, no one knows who the intruders are. Hh’s home was invaded at night, the Hatembos were abducted, Sr. Chief Mukuni’s wife was bundled and taken, did we get any from PF on all these incidences? Under MMD, Penza’s home was invaded at night and he was killed. Wezi Kaunda and Paul Tembo died in similar circumstances and no explanation was given by the MMD government. Why should UPND give an explanation on CT? Is he special? After all, there was no break in, he was not beaten or killed, leave alone the garden boy who was tied in the morning because garden boys don’t work at night. Only witches work at night. So what is there for the government to explain about here? What happened to CT’s home can happen to my home or anyone’s home.

  3. Is this the way the Police Service reacts to issues. Is there not a process in place of reporting any incident and thereafter the police report will be investigated and eventually findings will be given officially over a matter.

    What is this advocating where you want the police to start issuing unfounded statements. What exactly do you want them to say? To agree with this accusation of the entire army of Zambia having some sort of hatred with someone already appearing in court cases due to his own attitude and actions. Give us a brake guys.

    Just follow the procedure as outline by the police and patiently wait for them to do their work. Why this drama. Unlike take your assertions as absolute truth the police have to investigate all these accusations and come to the bottom of all these issues.

    It also seems you people are sure it is the Army behind this plot. Therefore all of you in this report should be sighted for defamation of the Army and placed on your defence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it was the Army that did this. If you fail to show this accusation which is now on record and we are all witness of your formal presentations you must face the consequence for your actions.

    This issue now must be dealt with a lawful and legal hand. Let’s see what your facts really are. No more jokes. So let all you who have gathered together to accused Army without evidence face the law and prove your case.

    It is one thing to give support to an individual under attack, it is another thing to point an accusing finger of an innocent person or organisation without evidence. It is only fair that this issue is concluded in the courts of law so the we the citizens are satisfied with the outcome of this

    Since these group of witnesses are so sure about the facts of this case let them defend themselves in a court of law. We encourage this government to allow this process to take place to bring closure to this matter.


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