The opposition All peoples Congress (APC) Party states that the savage and lawless attack on a defenseless Opposition Leader whilst in the hands of the state makes absolute sad reading.

APC President Nasson Msoni avails to Byta FM News in a statement that such planned lawless assault induced on an Opposition Leader, who at the time was in a vulnerable position is unfortunate and clearly amounts to a crime.

Msoni thinks that this behavior is a revealing sign of what is clearly coming ahead.

He notes that Political intolerance is the genesis and run-up to committing serious crimes against humanity.

Msoni has challenged all progressive citizens to condemn such kind of behavior in the strongest term observing that nothing justifies the use of torture and state violence on a defenseless person.

The opposition leader says the use of unbalanced force on defenseless citizens is totally unacceptable.

Msoni has demanded that criminals in police uniforms should be brought to Justice stating that no one should be above the law.

He assures that his party will not hesitate to take matters of torture to the international arena.


  1. If there is anything to report to his International arena that what is this fool waiting – he should have already gone to report by now. This is the fool that was tacitly supporting Lungu when he was abusing his powers on the real (not imaginary) people with many that ended up dead under Lungu’s police force! What did Msoni do then? Did he report Lungu to the international arena? The Answer s NO just to show how foolish this chap is?
    We know he is just crying to be made ambassador to Utopia and he will be quiet after that!!

  2. Please try to include names, some of us who missed the story, we don’t know who that opposition leader is, when and how he was attacked.

  3. Could it be possible that Chilufya Tayali is lying and was not even brutalized by police? You can take a report by such an unreliable person seriously. Where is the medical report that shows that he was brutalized? The guy can even stand is a court of law to bring a case because he is a known liar.

  4. Who is this opposition leader that has not made a report ? When? Where is the medical report. Musoni careful if you v been promised money rather work for it than lying for it.

  5. Ba Msoni now we shall start suspecting other motives tayali didn’t even show medical report nor did he exhibit signs of being mistreated just a few days after release he is all over social media . International yaisa Shani mwa lungu were abuse of authority was evident u did nothing.

  6. The opposition should clearly categories themselves on who should be classified as opposition and jokers, otherwise they are degrading themselves, honestly can the whole Msoni categories himself in the same grouping as Tayali, Tembo, Saboi, Kambwili, Winter etc without being ashamed of yourself

  7. Thing is, who exactly are their members these so called “opposition leaders”? They represent no one other than themselves and possibly their families.
    Tayali’s relative issued a statement after visiting him in the police cells and denied that he had been brutalised; he wondered what Mmembe’s motives were to claim Tayali had been brutalised. When Tayali was released, there no signs that he had been beaten, not even a bruise.
    Do something useful to help grow the country’s economy rather than spend time on anthills crying “wolf” “wolf”. We are sick and tired of your useless rantings, grow up!


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